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Aircraft for Charter

Very Light Jets

Very Light Jets

Very Light Jets

  • Seats 2-4
  • Speed 600 km/h
  • Range 1500 km

Light Jets

Light Jet | Cessna Citation 2+

Light Jets | Cessna Citation 2+

  • Seats 4-6
  • Speed 700 km/h
  • Range 2000 km

Midsize Jets

Midsize Jets | Challenger 300

Midsize Jets | Challenger 300

  • Seats 6-8
  • Speed 800 km/h
  • Range 4000 km

Heavy Jets

Heavy Jets | Global 6000

Heavy Jets | Global 6000

  • Seats 9-14
  • Speed 850 km/h
  • Range 7000 km

Boeing Business Jets or Boeing 737 NG and many others are available for charter worldwide.

B-Jets is your link between East and West, providing you with southern warmness and hospitality and northern planning and precision.

Private Jet Charter

Let Us Arrange
Your Charter

The majority of TOP 500 world’s richest companies enjoy the benefits of business aviation.

Let our staff take care of organizing charter flights for you and we will provide you with a suitable aircraft, arrange your flight according to your schedule and you will enjoy a smooth flight.

Our Promise

  • We guarantee aircraft ready for Your flight after confirmation within 24 hours notice.
  • Here at B-Jets, we never say no to our Clients, we always have an aircraft available for charter.
  • We provide professional 24/7 service and effective communication.

Charter Service

  • Safety first. No compromise
  • Reach. Flexibility. Comfort
  • Nice catering on board
  • Attention to every detail and personal service
  • VIP halls and General Aviation Terminals
  • VIP Ground Transportation on request

Corporate Solutions

We offer additional value to your business by providing business jet travel solutions, including but not limited to:

  • Dedicated key account manager
  • Worldwide aircraft network
  • Customized aircraft charter and management options
  • Real time online availability
  • Very personal service

Aircraft Management

B-Jets has developed its own aircraft management model and network of partners, covering all the steps in aircraft acquisition and operation process. Meet NAOMI™

New Aircraft

Bombardier Business Aircraft

B-Jets focuses on working with the most advanced business aircraft manufacturers. We offer New Jets from Bombardier Business Aircraft.



International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations

We offer commercial or corporate aircraft operation services in compliance with EU-OPS and international standards of business aircraft operation.



Jet Support Services

We will put your jet under CAMO supervision. Your aircraft will be maintained by an approved PART-145 organization



United Insurance Brokers

We provide worldwide aviation insurance via United Insurance Brokers Network partners:


New Aircraft Operation Maintenance Insurance

Reliability. Efficiency. Value.

New Aircraft Sales

B-Jets focuses on working with Bombardier Business Aircraft fleets


Bombardier Learjet Family


Learjet 70 | Learjet 75 | Learjet 85


Bombardier Challenger Family


Challenger 300 | Challenger 350 | Challenger 605 | Challenger 850


Bombardier Global Family


Global 5000 | Global 6000 | Global 7000 | Global 8000

Pre-Owned Aircraft Sales

We will find new owner for your jet

Pre-Owned Aircraft Sales

As a business jet owner you will need professional assistance in any aircraft transaction. B-Jets is reliable partner in pre-owned aircraft acquisition or sale of your business jet, giving you operational continuity.

Aircraft Marketing

Long term relations and a comprehensive database of a 10000+ network of aviation professionals, online aircraft exchange systems and market knowledge allow us to bring your aircraft to the target. If you are thinking about flying a new jet (or to renew your jet) we will offer you a solution of a buy/lease back option for your old one and a possibility to regard it as down payment for a new jet.

Jet Evaluation

We will provide you with a comprehensive evaluation report on your jet, including the value of your assets and other key points:

  • Professional check of aircraft documentation and history
  • Aircraft audits of licensed technicians
  • Compliance with operational requirements
  • Operational risks and ownership costs
  • Market conditions and current availability

Change Your Jet!

Pre-Owned Aircraft Sales

Pre-Owned Aircraft Sales

About Company

B-Jets Brand

B-Jets | Aircraft Charter & Management Company


B – stands for “Bravo” in aviation language. Bravo means excellence. Our mission is to provide excellent jet services.
B – Business. We know that Business Aviation is a tool for our clients to be leaders in their business fields and reach new heights.
B – Baltic’s- this is where our business has initially started.
B – Bee – the symbol of diligence and evidence that big things grow from small details.
Jets – means and combines the future of aviation, speed, efficiency, luxury.

We strive to be the BIGGEST and the BEST in focusing on client satisfaction.

Short History

B-Jets started in 2010 as internet project, when two Aircraft brokers joined their forces together. The idea was to share experience and knowledge to bring more benefits and value to the clients. Now B-Jets is a growing team of professionals and an active player in EU business aircraft market.

Partnership Program

We give you wings
to fly with us

Our organization has already enjoyed great success in the development of our brand. B-Jets now operates in the United Kingdom, Germany and Russia.

B-Jets is looking for either partners with existing localized aircraft brokerage operations or individuals with high level aircraft sales and/or aircraft charter experience who will benefit from the expanding global jet brand, state-of-the-art aircraft reservation system, customized CRM and sales systems and proven aircraft marketing channels.

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